Solomons Island 10/13-14, Tangier 10/14-15

Solomons Island 10/13-14
We left St. Michaels at around 7:00 am. It was an overcast cloudy day. I stayed down below trying to catch up on the blog. As always I was having a hard time catching up because there is always stuff to see and other things to do. Honestly that is the biggest reason I have been behind on the blog. When we are underway I love being above deck looking around, and when we get somewhere we are always going places and exploring. It was pretty chilly when we left so we were all pretty bundled up. It was a long day so we got to Solomons Island at around 3:00pm. We went to an anchorage that was pretty far down a river. It was cool going there because the river is lined with marinas and docks, so there are so many different types of boats. We even saw another Freeport Islander (thats what our boat is) which is a very rare sight here on the East Coast because they are very slow boats that do not normally cover long distances, and they are built on the West Coast. When we…

St. Michaels 10/10-13

St. MichaelsWe left Rock Hall early in the morning. It was a beautiful morning and the water around was like a mirror. There was a beautiful sunrise that reflected on the water and made everything around it look magical. Susan and Don were up and on deck of their boat so Susan got a great photo of our boat in front of the sunset. We left Rock Hall right when it was getting light out. There was a house with an enormous field next to it right at the entrance to the harbor and there was a bald eagle in the tree and a deer in their yard. It was crazy! It was a beautiful day out, but there was not enough wind for a sail. We motored the whole time. We did a manta trawl when we were almost halfway there. We got to St. Michaels around lunchtime. We anchored out in the harbor and then walked into town to get some lunch. We went to a delicious sushi place. Jessie (finally!) lost her tooth that had been wiggly since before we left Cape Cod, which dad had threatened to pull out almost every day. …